Galvanized Steel (Wet storage stain)

Removal of Wet Storage Stain (White Rust) on Galvanized steel surface


Picklex® 20 completely removes the White Rust (also known as Wet storage stain) from the Galvanized steel surface and provides a nano thickness coating for a very long-term indoor Rust Protection (several years) and finishing.

Painting/Powder Coating: Painting or Powder coating can be performed over Picklex® 20 coated surface after complete drying. Since Picklex® 20 is a nano Conversion coating, it eliminates the need for Sanding or Blasting of the galvanized steel surface. Picklex® 20 removes any mill oil/cutting fluid, remove surface rust, provide a nano Conversion coating, seal the coating and stop the oxidation process, all in one step in about one minute. It provides a rust/contamination free surface with zero oxidation. Picklex® 20 provides excellent adhesion with the top coating such as, liquid paint or powder coating.

Galvanized Steel Cooling Tower


Cooling Tower partially treated with Picklex® 20



Cooling Tower (Galvanized steel)
(with White rust and Red rust which blead from the adjacent steel)

Different types of Wet Storage Stains (white rust) on Galvanized steel


Galvanized Steel Air Handling Unit after treating with Picklex® 20 (After)
(Removed all white rust without etching the surface and provided a Protective Coating
for a very long-term Indoor Rust Protection and Painting/Powder coating)

Galvanized Steel Air Handling Unit with White Rust (Before)
(Wet Storage Stain)