About International Chemical Products, Inc.

About International Chemical Products Inc.

In the metal surface preparation (for both ferrous & non-ferrous metals), lot of hazardous and toxic chemicals are used such as solvent, acid, phosphate, chromate, wash primer with chromate etc. including media blasting of the new metal surface before welding and finishing such as Priming, Liquid painting, Powder coating, E-coating, Electroplating, Anodizing, Galvanizing, De-scaling/Pickling, Stainless Steel passivation etc. These hazardous/toxic chemicals are used to achieve the quality results required by the manufacturing or industrial construction companies (installs structural steel etc.). In the manufacturing or metal fabricating companies, the chemicals which are applied in a spray-booth or dipping systems, produces a lot of hazardous/toxic waste disposals which causes a lot of diseases including cancer.

International Chemical Products, Inc. is in a mission to eliminate all hazardous and toxic chemicals presently used by manufacturing, metal fabricating and construction companies during metal surface preparation, still providing the equal or better quality results. The two Value Added Products called Picklex® and Picklex® 20, developed and manufactured by International Chemical Products, Inc. USA, completely prepares any ferrous and non-ferrous metal surface including stainless steel, either by a manual one-step spraying/brushing process (such as on structural steel, large steel tanks, equipment etc.) using Picklex® 20 One-Step Metal Prep. before Welding, Priming & Liquid Painting or by couple of steps spray-booth or dipping process in a finishing system using Picklex®, eliminating all hazardous & toxic chemicals presently used including blasting of new metal surface (for Powder Coating, E-coating etc.). The processes have zero waste disposal and zero quality failure in welding and finishing, saving a lot of labor, time, cost and energy depending on the number of applications and how many traditional steps are eliminated. As of now, International Chemical Products has already eliminated over a Million gallons of hazardous/toxic waste. The products and process has been tested/verified by US EPA (environmental Protection Agency) and has received a National Award (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award, MVP2) in 2001. Also received the Edison Award in 2013 (International award).