OMICRON and DELTA Virus Book Summary

OMICRON and DELTA Virus Book Summary

Emerging Very Highly Contiguous, Infectious and Transmissible Virus. The WHO classification as a VOC was based on epidemiological data indicating an increase in infections in South Africa in recent weeks that coincided with detection of Omicron variant.

Omicron has many concerning spike protein substitutions, some of which are known from other variants to be associated with reduced susceptibility to available monoclonal antibody therapeutics or reduced neutralization by convalescent and vaccine.

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control also classified this variant as a VOC due to concerns regarding immune escape and potentially increased transmissibility compared to the Delta variant This document discusses all emerging spikes and RBD mutation their effects on how virus will enter the human system and infect healthy cells.

Many people who have been sick with OMICRON/COVID-19, including some who had mild or no symptoms, reported dealing with additional symptoms long after their acute illness ended. The long-haul COVID-19 symptoms can range from fatigue or headaches to mental health issues or chronic pain, involving multi organs.

Some people have been suffering for more than a year with no answers, no treatment options, not even a forecast of what the future may hold.

Researcher and data collection on post COVID illness have identified number of illnesses involving multi organ symptoms, due to the fact when the virus enter the human system and the Cytokine storm triggered by the immune system to fight the virus can ravages human system randomly and causes multi system injury for healthy cells.

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